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Top 6 Bathroom Upgrades

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It can be overwhelming to plan a bathroom remodel. To help narrow down some of your options here are our top 6 upgrades you should consider for your bathroom!

1) Toekick Lighting

A great way to add a night light or create a relaxing atmosphere. In the bathroom pictured we added a LED strip on a dimmer so the light could be adjusted to suit the need at the time. The client loves it. They didn’t realize how helpful it could be. No nightlight using up an outlet, and no stubbing toes in the middle of the night. They put it in their master bath and like not worrying about waking their sleeping spouse.

2) Thermostatic Shower Valve

This feature can be utilized in any shower no matter the size. The main handle turns on the water plus there is a secondary handle or knob to set the water temperature. That way you can turn on the shower and know your water will be the desired temperature. You can also turn off the water to shampoo, condition or drink some wine then turn it back on to continue and the water won’t too hot or cold. This feature is available in several brands. My personal favorites are Delta and Kohler.

3) Specialty Organization

I know there isn’t always room for things like this, but if there is, do it! Bathrooms are one of the most important places to have item specific organization. All the different items are either oddly shaped or tiny. In this situation we also added an outlet in the pull out so our client could just grab and use them. Less counter clutter, and easier to keep organized.

For smaller spaces drawer organizers are a life saver. No one wants to be digging through the 100 hair ties, nail files, and toothbrushes to find their comb...

4) Multi-Function Bath Fan

This is an easily overlooked item in a bathroom. It's an unexpected way to add some tech into any bathroom space. We get so used to a loud obnoxious bath fan that we tune it out. Newer bath fans aren’t just quieter, they also have some pretty nifty features you can get. Humidity sensor to turn off when the moister is actually gone, or on a timer so it doesn’t run all day after your kids leave for school. Bluetooth connected for music. You can enjoy your favorite music without the hassle of a waterproof speaker, or loss of counter space from a radio.

5) In Floor Heat

This is a luxury item in some places, but here in Minnesota it should be a requirement. Tile and stone flooring are beautiful, durable and COLD! Unless you want to be jolted awake in the morning, I would highly recommend consider in floor heat. It can also replace other heat sources depending on the model you decide on. There are programmable thermostats, so you can plan on heating the space before getting up, and after you get home for the day. That way you can ease into your mornings and relax when you get home without having popsicle toes.

6) Tile Base Trim

Wood and water don’t mix. So, whenever we do a stone, or porcelain tile floor we use tile for the base instead of wood trim. Most tiles offer a matching bullnose piece to use. It blends in with the flooring and then we don’t have to worry about whether or not to try and “match” the trim the rest of the home.

There you have it! 6 features you should consider adding into your bathroom. We do our best to make sure even the little things are thought of for your remodel. You will be living with it everyday for a long time, so it should make your life a little better too.

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