Bathroom Remodels


Bathroom Remodel

Klean Contracting is well versed in home renovation both interior and exterior, but we consider bathroom remodeling to be our specialty. In the past 5 years we have done over 200 bathroom remodels throughout the Twin Cities. 

At Klean we believe that your bathroom should be functional and comfortable, but we also believe that you shouldn't have to break the bank to do so. That is why our goal is to assist you with a budget friendly renovation of your bathroom. 

Bathroom remodels in which we remove and replace components can start as low as $6995.00, and can be completed in as little as 5 business days. 

Bath Replacement Starting at $6995

Over 200 Bathroom Remodels since 2014


We will come out to do a free measure of the bathroom at your request. At which point we will discuss your wants, needs, and budget.  

BId & Allowance

We will put together a bid within a week of measuring. By using the remove and replace method we can avoid costly design fees extending savings to you. As part of the bid we will provide you with an allowance for materials, accessories, and products. An allowance give you the option to choose while reducing costs. 


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Our goal with budget bathroom remodels is to ensure all homeowners can attain a beautiful and functional bathroom without breaking the bank by keeping costs down. 

We are able to do this a few different ways. First our workers are experienced and proficient in bathroom remodels, which reduces work time and keeps labor costs low. Secondly by simply removing and replacing similar product in the same location you save on costly design fees, as well as additional labor such as moving plumbing and electrical. Finally by giving you an allowance for product we help you stick to a budget while still giving you the option of choice. 

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